A few more going home

We’re going to be releasing a few more turtles here in the next few days but none of them will be released here. Gloria and Jay will likely be leaving on Sunday. They’ll be getting a boat ride out to the sargassum seaweed somewhere between here and the Bahamas. They are very small turtles and at this point in their lives they most likely live in a pelagic environment so we will return them to the open water. When they get larger they will recruit back to coastal areas.

We also tagged Bobo today. Not the smoothest operation – Bobo is quite strong, quite feisty and not really fond of being handled – making it an interesting procedure for the staff and volunteers that tagged him (thanks for your patience). Next week the FWC folks will give him a ride up north towards Brevard County where he was originally found.

Bobo got one flipper tag on the left flipper and one PIT tag (we skipped the right flipper tag due to a previous injury to that flipper). The flipper tags are metal and visible to anyone who finds the turtle but they can fall off as the turtle grows. The PIT tags are placed under the skin, are not visible to the naked eye and are read with a special scanner (exactly like a pet dog or cat might have). The advantage of these tags is they are unlikely to be lost and will remain with the turtle for an extended period of time.

Flipper Tags

Inconel flipper tags

PIT tags



2 Responses to A few more going home

  1. Lisa says:

    Did Gloria and Jay get released yesterday? Fiona’s picture looks great on this blog! I had mentioned earlier that I couldn’t see the picture. I see it now! —Lisa

  2. Sandy says:

    Well, I have once again been reminded of how I do not have the ability to predict the future! Gloria and Jay are still with us – but I think they will be going next weekend. The trick is procuring the boat ride offshore and then getting them to the boat.

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