The salad bar

Jiminy Cricket! Fiona can pack away the greens! She is up to her 10th 12th head of romaine today and is showing no signs of stopping. We cleaned out the romaine selection at Publix this morning – woe be to anyone who wants a Caesar salad for dinner tonight. Did I mention that we are accepting Publix gift cards to support this beast? 😉

Belly up to the salad bar

Bobo was released on the beach just south of the Sebastian Inlet this morning. According to the state rep who did the release there was a fair amount of press at the event. She said to keep an eye on the media because our Bobo may show up in a newspaper somewhere. She also said that he gave a pretty good show (we know he would). While the loggerheads they were also releasing seemed unimpressed with it all, Bobo was slap happy and “enthusiastic”.


One Response to The salad bar

  1. Chris says:

    Has anyone approached the logal grocers to see if they are willing to donate some turtle food? I imagine a lot of less than “perfect” produce ends up in the landfill!

  2. Sandy says:

    We did ask and were told that it is illegal for them to give away the “spoiled” produce. However, if there are any volunteers that would like to do some legwork and find a store or produce vendor that would like to donate greens, that would be great. We can use heads of romaine, heads of kale, or heads of collards (none of the chopped stuff).

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