Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up today to help see Kali off – we were thankful for the crowd control and shear muscle power. We also had help in the form of more muscle and a manatee sling from the FPL guys who originally rescued her as well (thanks Mike and Ed). We will have to wait to see if Chris got any good shots to show you how she got back to the beach. But in the meantime you can see some more pics of her if you click her name above. Note the mating scars (notches) on the front of her carapace in the shoulder area. That’s one of the reasons we are sure she has eggs to lay.

With all the hubbub around Kali, the arrival of another (much smaller) new green last week kind of got overlooked. Frappuccino is also a turtle who is healthy with a minor injury and won’t be here too long.

We did get another new turtle in today – more about her in the next post.


One Response to Thanks!

  1. Johanna says:

    Don’t you just love the JMB kids for picking the longest name they could get-away-with for you!!!

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