A loggerhead for a change . . .

Yesterday, when the FPL guys came to help, they also brought along Lola. This is one seriously skinny and barnacley (is that a word?) loggerhead. She is almost adult size – short by 3 cm. We suspect it’s a female because of the very short tail; we would expect a male to be showing a larger tail at this size even though it is shy of the “adult” size classification.

She was seen offshore near the power plant and one of the sea turtle biologists up there swam out to get her. As weak as she is it’s amazing she hadn’t already drowned out there. We are hoping she has enough strength to be placed in water – we really would like her to get some nutrition, preferably by eating on her own. So far we have no clue as to why she is in this condition. Keep your fingers crossed for this one. . .


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