It was inevitable…

At some point this blog would turn to the subject of turtle poo. It was just a question of whether it would be sooner or later – looks like it is sooner.

Wild animals are not inclined to not eat. If a wild animal is not eating, there is something terribly wrong. This is so in Lola’s case. She is not eating because nothing in her gut is moving. So far the meds have not produced the desired effect of stimulating her digestive system. On Saturday Dr. Mettee physically removed some material (sand dollars) that had collected near the cloaca but we have had no improvement since then. We fear this means there is a constriction in the intestines that has shut her down. The only solution is surgery if we don’t get a change – but she is not in the best of health for surgery either. She also seems to be fading a bit – not a good sign.

It’s an odd thing to have an entire group of people hoping to see turtle poo when they arrive in the morning – but such is life in world of sea turtle rehab.

What can you do to help? You can do what we are doing here at the center – pray for poo.


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