More poo!

And more poo is a good thing! Dr. Mettee came by for rounds today and was able to remove more material from Lola’s lower G.I. tract. (If you are curious about how that happens, let’s just say that it involves a very long glove – and the good Doctor hopes to never have to do it again.) The fact that the material was not there on Saturday – which means that it has actually moved from higher in the colon – is great news.

While she is by no means out of the woods, it is a bit of improvement. The stricture that was encountered on Saturday seems to be gone. This means it was not a permanent defect and so surgery would appear to be ruled out of the picture for now. The next week is very important – her system needs to start working well on it’s own but we are all pleased with today’s progress.

Below is an x-ray of Lola’s left side showing some of the shell material in her intestines. There is 3 times that much material on the right side. (The x-ray is backwards because that is how vets look at them).

Lola’s x-ray: A – barnacles, B – intestine filled with shell, C – left knee



5 Responses to More poo!

  1. Bob Hopler says:


    When was the x-ray taken?

  2. Sandy says:

    Hey Bob – Thanks for checking the blog! It’s good to know someone reads it! 🙂 The x-ray was taken last week on Friday, July 21, before Nancy did the manual exam. It is what clued us in to the possible blockage. No turtle should have that much densely packed, hard material in the gut.

  3. […] Yesterday Dr. Mettee conducted a necropsy on Lola to determine cause of death. With all the shell material and concerns about her digestive system we were sure that was where the problem would be. We expected to find a perforated intestine or at least severely damaged sections of intestine related to the immense amount of sand dollars in there (x-ray here). […]

  4. Kay Davey says:

    I am upset to hear Lola didn’t make it. The Sat. before she died I went as usual to see her and she looked much better than when she first came in to the center. I watched the wonderful care she received, the IV’s and loving attention, hand feeding, and all the other care made me feel she would survive. So Sad!

  5. Sandy says:

    Hey Kay,
    You certainly are not alone – there are many of us who were very excited to watch Lola gain strength (and a bit of attitude) as she was improving. Ultimately, she just had too many strikes against her: she was surviving with one lung, and we feel the intestinal problem would likely have resolved but there was nothing to be done about her heart.

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