Kali’s release

Here are some shots from Kali’s release (thanks Chris for the stretcher-bearers shot). She is so big and strong that she has the potential to break a rib if she hit someone so we had to do something different from our standard release procedure. 314 pounds of mad turtle is not something to be taken lightly (sorry about the pun). This was the largest turtle that we have released here at the center (thanks to Jeff for the stats).

She was placed in a large manatee sling – she was put on her back to keep her from crawling out of the sling. Then she was driven to the beach in a pick up truck and carried down to the water by a bunch of really strong volunteers and the guys from the power plant. Once placed on the beach she practically launched herself out of the sling (you can see Ed dodging her below). Man, she was big and beautiful and awesome to have around for a few days.





One Response to Kali’s release

  1. Jim says:

    Hey I really like the new blog Sandy. I am in the photo carrying Kali on the stretcher, the front man. I am handing my son my own camera, so he can get a pic of me and the turtle!!!! She sure was heavy. It was great to have the power plant guys there, with that big manatee sling, the gurney for that big green would have been impossible! And I think we may use that trick of putting them on their back some time in the future.

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