Good news

Or at least better news. While Lola has not yet started with the poo, she has started eating on her own. Thanks to the patient weekend volunteers, Lola started eating squid this weekend. We are currently limiting her intake until we know her system is moving well but it is a good sign that she is interested in food. Even the little bit of calories she is getting is a big boost to her overall health.


Lola gives us the “stink eye”.

It takes a good long time for a turtle to starve to death (don’t have an exact number but it’s certainly months) and Lola was certainly on her way. It looks like she may be past that point. Another good sign today was that she tried to crawl off the gurney when having her face scrubbed. She didn’t get too far because she is still very weak but we love to see that bad attitude come out.


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