Not so good news

Sadly, Lola did not make it. We are in fact a bit surprised because she did appear to be gaining strength and improving. Dr. Mettee saw her on Sunday and was pleased with her progress and we were all hopeful.

It is especially hard to lose the turtles that are at or near adult size. They have survived so much to make it that far and are at a point where they can contribute to the turtle population through reproduction. We don’t like to lose any turtles but these are the toughest.

We will perform a necropsy sometime within the next few weeks to determine the cause of death.


2 Responses to Not so good news

  1. Kathy Foster says:

    To Sandy & everyone at the Marinelife Center – my deepest sympathy to all on the loss of dear Lola. I was there the day she was brought in & watched her take her first breath in the tank the next day. I’ve been reading the daily blogs ever since then, & I was SO hopeful, as were all of you, that she was going to survive. God Bless you for your gallant efforts to save her. Maybe the necropsy will give some information to help save other turtles in the future. May she rest in peace.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for reading the blog and being a fan of sea turtles in general! We plan to do the necropsy next Wedensday (provided we don’t have a surgery or something else come up). Although she did appear to be improving, there were obviously bigger issues that were going on internally. Perhaps she had a perforated intestine and bled to death – we just don’t know at this point. We will certainly let you know what we find out. Thanks again for your support.

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