Sparrow = Franklin Jr.

For those of you who remember Franklin, you will remember that he was an exuberant sub-adult loggerhead that verged on vicious. Getting him out of the tank was always an adventure – mind that beak!


Franklin a.k.a “The Mangler”


Well, Sparrow is a bit like “Son of Franklin”. This turtle is still having a really bad attitude about getting injections. If you are wielding the syringe you have to keep track of your hands and that beak because Sparrow is taking the role of dinosaur very seriously (nobody told him that he is not a man-eating dinosaur). Sometimes we are happier than others to see a turtle go – Sparrow’s release will be one of the happy happy ones.

For those of you with iron stomachs and insatiable curiosity (an impaired sense of smell helps too) we are planning to necropsy Lola Wednesday in the vicinity of noon. If you are in the area, please feel free to come on by.

Special thanks to our volunteer Larry who brought in some beautiful Florida lobsters. Joy says thanks! On a good note, she has devoured one live lobster and is increasingly aggressive with the dead ones. Her jaw is improving steadily.


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