Okay, who wants to see hatchlings?

Those of us who are lucky enough to be here this time of year get to see literally thousands of them. Leatherbacks rarely, but loggerheads and greens – well the place is just crawling with them! So here are some pics for those of you far away. Each year it is always a surprise to see how tiny they are when they start out life. And they have such a long way to go until they reach maturity – if they make it. The most recent estimates are that 1 in 3000 – 5000 make it to maturity. Which is why the adults that have made it to reproductive age are so important to sea turtle populations.

Without further ado, we give you hatchlings!

The Kiddie Pool


Green (left) and loggerhead


Two loggerheads – the color variation is normal


Smile and say “loggerhead!”


This is from last year – leatherbacks are in constant motion which
is why we release them the day we get them.



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