Hugo a go-go

August 17, 2006

It’s been overdue for a while but Hugo finally got the boot. He required a ride to Hutchinson Island for release and other turtle duties kept postponing the trip. Yesterday after the necropsy he was escorted to a lovely empty beach by myself and Dr. Mettee where he crawled into the surf. That is a turtle who never looked back!



General update

August 9, 2006

Fiona is fat and happy – her wound is healing very nicely. Did we mention that she is fat? F.A.T. 🙂 The scar tissue is filling in and starting to get hard and thick in places. However, some areas are still quite soft and because those areas are immediately above her lung we have to wait until they are sufficiently thick to protect her before she is released. The tissue is starting to develop some pigment which corresponds to the patterns on her scutes – changing from pink to dark grey.

Joy is, well, fat and happy. Just a matter of time for her as well. Sometime in the next few weeks we would like to try some more whole lobster on her to gauge how her jaw strength is improving. It is lobster season here in south Florida so if any of you divers have a couple of lobsters to spare Joy would appreciate it.

Belize and Jonah continue to grow. We are still waiting for Belize to be able to dive consistently before we can comfortably release him.

Miracle is still hanging in there. Getting some supervised pool time. We are hoping that the soft tissue damage will resolve without leaving permanent neurological damage – more “wait and see”.

Hugo will go very soon – maybe next week.  Sparrow continues to recover well – that is one mad turtle that wants out of here now. Sparrow will likely get released about 2 minutes after the stitches come out!

Tomorrow we have a new patient coming from the St. Lucie power plant. Anemic, emaciated sub-adult loggerhead – or “the usual”. This is certainly the most common type of turtle we get at the center. The greens – especially the big ones – have been a refreshing change.

L – O – L – A Lola!

July 22, 2006

So, she’s anemic and drastically underweight. Her x-rays show plenty of shell material in her gut and what appears to be a collapsed right lung. We’re not sure the shell material is moving so we are going to treat with some drugs specifically to help that. Fortunately she is strong enough to have supervised pool time during the day but is currently being dry docked at night. She ate a bit today (with some very strong encouragement from us; we placed squid in her mouth against her wishes, she did not spit it back out). Still keep those fingers crossed – she has got a long way to go before she is even close to being stabilized. Lola’s page

In other turtle news: Gloria and Jay did get released via a boat trip out to the sea weed last week. And we have several turtles that are looking good to go soon. Pending some final blood work, we may be sending Ephie and Hugo on their merry way in the next few weeks.