Lost a few

July 5, 2006

The past few days have not been kind with regards to our turtles. The two newest additions, Finn and Greta, both died. Unfortunately we still don’t really know what was wrong with them. They have both been transported to the local folks at FWC where they will eventually be necropsied to try and determine the cause of death. Both turtles were exceptionally beautiful (though we tend to think all of our turtles here are beautiful!) and we never like losing any of them. Our hope now is that perhaps through the necropsies they will contribute to our knowledge of about sea turtles and help us do a better job of both protecting them and caring for them in the future.

Bobo is leaving tomorrow. FWC will be taking the turtle north to Brevard County where it will be released back to the sea.


The new greens

June 29, 2006

On Sunday we received 2 new green turtles, Finn and Greta. While these two turtles came from very different places (Broward and St. Lucie counties) they seem to be suffering from similar conditions. They both have neurological issues of unknown origin. We are keeping them out of the water because they are not able to swim well – turtles breathe air like we do and they can drown. We are treating them for potential parasites that may be in the brain. So far it’s the only explanation we have for their condition.

On another note, we found out today that Fiona’s digestive tract is indeed working. We are concerned that the wounds to the carapace may have caused some spinal damage. This can impact the intestines, but so far it seems like things are looking good for her. She is still far from out of danger but every little improvement keeps us hopeful.